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Feyenoord Slippers YNWA, Black

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  • Feyenoord Flip-Flops
  • Black
  • Rubber sole
  • Fabrical straps
  • YNWA mirror profile

    You Will Never Walk Alone again with these flip-flops from the "YNWA" collection of Feyenoord. These flip flops have a firm black-white-black sole, furthermore they have a firm fabrical straps made from black fabric with the word 'Feyenoord'. The footsole is covered with the line 'YNWA'. But there is a thing that make these flip flops even more special, the bottom of the sole provides the line "YNWA Rotterdam" in mirror writing. So everywhere you walk, you will leave a trace with a clear line "YNWA Rotterdam" behind you in the sand!